Active since mid-2020, electronic indie artpop duo dsiboys (,
consisting of Chicago’s Jack Sadlier ( (they/she)
and London based Lucas ( (a.k.a Eggbert)(he/him) has to-date
released a discography of 16 songs, including their popular cover of Wheatus' 2000 hit song, Teenage Dirtbag.

The duo met through mutual friends online in 2020 and bonded through their shared love of The Beatles,
The Beach Boys, and underground electronic music. However, it wasn’t until Lucas sent Jack a cover of
Weezer’s “Island In The Sun,” that Jack proposed recording music together. A cover of “Teenage Dirtbag”
by Wheatus remains their most popular release after becoming a TikTok sensation, and currently boasts
nearly 7 million plays on Spotify.

dsiboys released their self-titled debut album at the top of 2023. The nine track record features flavors
of electropop and soft rock, drawing influences from Depeche Mode, The Beach Boys, and Ween. Earworm melodies
played on vintage Casio keyboards give dsiboys a hallmark sound that is singular yet familiar - a nostalgic
futurism which reinvents itself for each release.

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